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Written By: Douglas James Vail


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Earlier this year I had the privilege of meeting one of the best Hollywood Special Effects Artists in the movie industry. His work is well known and you have certainly seen it. He's the best in the industry and he is highly sought after.


Beyond Hollywood, this Artist has an extraordinary gift. He creates hyper-realistic 3D portrait sculptures. Say that three times fast!


These 3D portrait sculptures are so realistic they are now in constant circulation in galleries across the nation. 


I've been especially blessed to have developed a relationship with this Artist and through our relationship we are exploring a project that I am truly humbled to be involved with. Its my privilege to announce that FaithWorks Pictures and KTS Effects, Inc. will be creating the greatest hyper-realistic 3D portrait sculpture we could ever imagine. The Portrait of Christ.

FaithWorks Pictures will be releasing a series of crowd funding campaigns to address the very important aspects to this project. We will be seeking the funds required to create the Christ Sculpture. That is essential. We are very grateful to be working with the best hyper-realistic 3D effects team in the world.

Other aspects of this project may include setting up the exhibit to allow people to view the sculpture in a public setting.


Please pray for us. It is my prayer that this will be accomplished and perhaps someday this work will reside somewhere in the walls of the Vatican. If it’s God’s will, it will be done. Always his will, never ours.


Douglas James Vail

Founder of FaithWorks Pictures

Success! Message received.

The images shown ABOVE are examples of the hyper-realistic 3D portrait sculptures that have been created by KTS Effects, Inc. 

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