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Meet The Team

Douglas James Vail
Executive Director | Filmmaker

Doug’s desire to make films started at a young age and led him to writing and directing a portfolio of short films, web series and documentaries. His work has garnered further recognition in ad campaigns for his graphic urban web series, "Pinnacle Heights" and he has earned high acclaim for his marketing career in the medical imaging community. But even more defining than Doug's desire to make films is his growing passion for the Gospel. By God’s grace and the power of His Word, Doug’s growing desire to see God be glorified led him to redirect his focus from making Hollywood films to the even more exciting goal of seeing God’s name proclaimed throughout the nations. After several months of traveling and reading extensively the word of God, Doug felt a clear call of the Lord to use his gifts in full-time ministry by starting FaithWorks Pictures, Inc. in 2017

Reed Lackey

Since the age of 3, Reed Lackey has been passionate about storytelling. He would memorize passages from stories he'd heard and recite them for anyone with a willingness to listen. That passion developed further into adulthood where Reed has published work in a variety of mediums including films, comic books, stage plays, commercials, short stories, and web-series episodes. No matter the medium, Reed's primary passion is story, and he seizes every opportunity he can to tell great ones. But for him, all great stories still point to the greatest story: the story of God's love for mankind and His eternal plan to reveal that love and redeem the lost, bring healing to the brokenhearted, and set free the captives. Reed lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife and son, where he always eagerly awaits the next great story to tell.

Shayan Ardalan


Shayan Ardalan has always found joy and purpose in entertaining people. Coming from a heritage of entertainers, his interest in acting began at a young age, where he would put on shows and screen homemade movies for families and friends. Through passion and diligence, his talent and love for the craft has grown over the years into a a full-time profession. Since officially beginning his acting career in 2016, Shayan has enjoyed success after success in the field of entertainment: from multiple films spanning multiple genres winning awards across numerous festivals; to animated series and commercials circulating through conventions and the net. Now, with new and great opportunities opening up for him in international markets, this young and versatile entertainer is excited to take his acting on to the international stage.


Trace Carper


Born in central  Pennsylvania to Jacob and Agnes Carper and grew up with one brother and one sister. He graduated from Northern Bedford County HS. Member of the Church of God. Went on to study Elementary Education at Penn State University. While attending college he enlisted in the United States Navy. After his initial release from active duty, he completed his degree with a BS in education. Taught 7th-grade science for 10 years in a suburb of High Point, NC. Following his second recall to active duty, a deployment to Iraq in early 2005, he relocated to Ventura, CA. He successfully ran a small handyman company which served a variety of exciting customers. He was an active member San Buenaventura Mission Church as well as a choir member. Where he met the talented yet timid actor, director, writer, filmographer, and father Douglas James Vail where he inspired his to do great things.