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Douglas’s desire to make films started at a young age and led him to writing and directing a portfolio of short films, web series and documentaries. His work has garnered further recognition in ad campaigns for his graphic urban web series, "Pinnacle Heights" and he has earned high acclaim for his marketing career in the medical imaging community.

But even more defining than Doug's desire to make films is his growing passion for the Gospel. By God’s grace and the power of His Word, Doug’s growing desire to see God be glorified led him to redirect his focus from making Hollywood films to the even more exciting goal of seeing God’s name proclaimed throughout the nations. After several months of traveling and reading extensively the word of God, Doug felt a clear call of the Lord to use his gifts in full-time ministry by starting FaithWorks Pictures in 2017.


My name is Douglas James Vail and I am the executive producer and director of “40: The Temptation of Christ”. When my wife and I set out to make this picture we had no idea we were embarking on a three year journey. The experience of making this motion picture was one of the most spiritually enriching and personally satisfying accomplishments of my life and I am extremely grateful for everyone that joined us to help its completion.

The pre-production was a long process. I could sense the film required a higher level of authentic and spiritual direction that I had to prepare for. I spent a lot of time in prayer getting emotionally and spiritually ready. Trying to envision this story was a huge undertaking. Fortunately, the writing of Reed Lackey helped us produce a beautiful portrait of this sacred time in the desert. As I stepped into production I felt the obligation to give something back to God and to share something new with his people. We are all his people.

It is important to me that our film brings a deeper understanding of Christ and a healthy awareness of Satan. We explored the mission of Christ and the opposition that worked tirelessly to stop Him. We know Satan is an extremely powerful and seductive force. We also know only Christ could overcome Satan. No man has a chance. This is important to understand. This material required careful handling. It was a challenge producing a natural, gritty and artistic re-telling of Christ in the desert but hopefully the audience will discover why we all need the Good Shepherd to protect us.

This film represents my journey with God and it serves as my love letter to Him. I made this picture in service to draw closer to Him and to inspire non-believers to know Christ and what He came to do. I believe God knows us better than we know ourselves and I want everyone to learn about His undying love for us.