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A Nurse-Centric Travel Housing Solution

We are a female-owned company dedicated to creating a housing environment specifically tailored for the needs of modern healthcare professionals on travel assignments.

We have the perfect accommodation solution if you're a travel nurse, a doctor on rotation, or a business executive planning to visit Sacramento for a few weeks or months. Our expertise lies in providing short to long-term stays for professionals on the move, ensuring a comfortable and serene environment during your stay. Our location is nestled in a secure and peaceful suburban neighborhood, conveniently situated within a range of 5 to 30 miles from the following medical centers:

- Kaiser Permanente Roseville Medical Center
- Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento
- Sutter Roseville Medical Center
- Mercy San Juan Medical Center
- UC Davis Medical Center

Choose our place as your home away from home in Sacramento, where you can unwind and enjoy your stay while being near the medical facilities you need.

We are specifically looking for female travel nurses or healthcare professionals on assignments lasting at least 30 days. The room available is for one person only, and we have a strict no-pets and no-smoking policy. We kindly request that outdoor shoes are not worn inside, and instead, home slippers are used. Utilities are included in the rent. We prioritize a drama-free environment and expect tenants to maintain cleanliness, respect, and a quiet atmosphere while mindful of energy usage.

ROOM 1 | $1000.00
ROOM 1 | $1000.00
ROOM 1 | $1000.00
ROOM 1 | $1000.00
ROOM 1 | $1000.00

We have multiple rooms, all fully furnished with a comfortable queen-sized bed, a 55" ROKU TV, a computer desk, a ceiling fan, nightstands, and a mini-fridge. On-site laundry facilities with a washer and dryer are also available.

To ensure the safety and suitability of our tenants, we conduct thorough background checks that include checking references, credit scores, job information, and criminal history. If you believe you meet these requirements, don't hesitate to contact me via call or text to discuss further.

The pricing and deposit will vary depending on the selected room, ranging between $1000 and $1500.

If you meet the criteria and are interested, please get in touch with us for more information.

Why Choose Us

Travel nurse housing offers several benefits over standard shared housing:

1. Convenience: Travel nurse housing is specifically designed to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals on temporary assignments. These accommodations are often located near hospitals or medical facilities, reducing commuting time and making it convenient for travel nurses to reach their workplaces.

2. Furnished and Ready-to-Move: Travel nurse housing typically comes fully furnished with essential amenities like furniture, appliances, kitchenware, and linens. This eliminates the need for travel nurses to transport or purchase their own furniture, making the moving process hassle-free.

3. Short-Term Leases: Unlike traditional housing, travel nurse housing offers flexible lease terms tailored to the duration of a travel nurse's assignment, usually around 13 weeks. This flexibility allows travel nurses to easily relocate to a new assignment without the burden of breaking a long-term lease or finding a subletter.

4. Safety and Security: Travel nurse housing often provides additional security measures, such as gated entrances, secure parking, or surveillance systems, ensuring the safety and peace of mind of the residents. These accommodations are also typically located in safe neighborhoods or communities.

5. Community and Networking: Travel nurse housing facilities often bring together a community of healthcare professionals on similar assignments. This fosters a supportive environment where nurses can connect, share experiences, and build professional networks.

6. Access to Amenities: Travel nurse housing may offer amenities such as fitness centers, swimming pools, laundry facilities, and common areas, providing a comfortable and enjoyable living experience during the assignment. These amenities are designed to enhance the quality of life for travel nurses.

7. Relocation Assistance: Many travel nurse housing providers offer relocation assistance, helping nurses move and settle into a new location. This can include assistance with finding housing and transportation and providing local information and resources.

Overall, travel nurse housing offers tailored accommodations that cater specifically to the unique needs of healthcare professionals on temporary assignments, providing convenience, flexibility, security, community, and a comfortable living environment.

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